The entrant/submitter hereby certi1es that he possesses the right(s) and all of the proper clearances to submit the art piece, including, but not limited to image rights, talent releases, soundtrack, and/or source music releases; and assumes all responsibility for their material. International Cosmopolitan Festvial of Tokyo accepts no responsibility, 1nancial or otherwise, for any movie submitted to the festival.

All decisions made by the judge(s) are considered 9nal and incontestable.

Entry fees are nonrefundable.

Multiple entries are allowed.

Any entry will be considered eligible in the next edition only if the art project was not selected in the previous edition.

Submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.

We accept art projects released after 2015.

We consider short 9lms to have a maximum duration of 30 minutes

The selected and awarded art projects will receive a laurel and a certi9cate.

The selected and awarded projects will be announced and viewable in our site and in our social media pages.